Samuel messes with the wrong man, gets hit and almost dies · TV News

Samuel (Michel Gomes) goes down in In Times of the Emperor after messing with the wrong man. The good guy will confront Borges (Danilo Del Farra), will be beaten and will be between life and death. He will only survive because of his ties to Pedro (Selton Mello) in the Globo telenovela.

Michel Gomes’ character will put his life at risk in the chapter scheduled to air next Saturday (4). Worried about the disappearance of Abena (Mary Sheyla) and Baltazar (Alan Rocha), the boy will go after the policeman, believing that he is involved in the case.

Borges and his men will be walking along a deserted street at night when they will be surprised by Samuel, who will lean a piece of bamboo on the delegate’s back to pretend to be carrying a gun. “Drop that weapon,” he will order.

“What did you do with Abena and Balthazar? Speak!” The bad character experienced by Danilo Del Farra will be scared, but he will not talk. “I don’t know about what you…”, he will lie, and he will be cut off. “I’m not kidding, Borges! Either you tell me what you did with Baltazar and Abena, or,” Samuel will interrupt.

The policeman will quickly turn around and manage to free himself, laughing when he realizes that the hero only has a piece of bamboo. “Is that what you were going to shoot me with?” he’ll sneer, taking his gun.

Pilar’s beloved (Gabriela Medvedovski), however, will be quicker, hitting his rival with the bamboo, who will fall to the ground and release his revolver. Samuel will pick up the gun and point it at the deputy. “Speak up, coward! What have you done to my friends?”

At that moment, Borges’ allies will attack the good guy, who will collapse. Everyone will start kicking Luísa’s protégé (Mariana Ximenes), who will lose consciousness and bleed a lot. The marshal will take your weapon and put it away.

One of the partners will question the policeman. “Aren’t you going to finish the job? One shot and…”, he’ll let go, and he’ll be cut off. “Better not. This one is protected from the emperor. I don’t want a problem. Leave him there”, he minimized, walking away.

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