São Paulo visits Juventude trying to join the G6 of Brasileirão

São Paulo will visit Juventude this Sunday, at 4 pm (GMT), at the Alfredo Jaconi stadium, in Caxias do Sul, for the 18th round of the Brazilian Championship. In 12th place, Tricolor will enter the field needing the victory to, finally, reach the top of the table and join the G6 of the competition.

For this match, coach Hernán Crespo will not have Arboleda, with a right thigh injury, Welington, with a left thigh injury, Marquinhos, who is recovering from a strain on his left thigh, and William, who underwent an arthroscopy in his knee right.

As if the number of injured players in the squad were not enough, Crespo will also not have Liziero available, who received the third yellow card in the last round, against Sport, in Ilha do Retiro, and will have to comply with automatic suspension this weekend.

At least Luciano and Eder have been improving physically every day and could already win a bigger minute from Hernán Crespo in this weekend’s match. The first wire fired in the second half of the last two games. The Brazilian naturalized Italian striker has not yet entered the field since his elimination in the Libertadores against Palmeiras.

Juventude, on the other hand, wants the three points so as not to approach the much-feared relegation zone. The team from Caxias do Sul has been standing out for the good campaign carried out in the Brazilian Championship so far, considering that it was recently promoted to the elite of national football.

For the match, the alviverde team will not be able to count on Paulinho Boia, who is a starter, but, as he belongs to São Paulo, he will have to stay out of this Sunday’s duel. The tendency is for Marcos Vinicios to replace the athlete trained in Cotia.


Local: Morumbi stadium, in São Paulo (SP)
Date: August 29, 2021, Sunday
Schedule: 4 pm (from Brasilia)
Referee: Antônio Dib Moraes de Sousa (PI)
Assistants: Rogério de Oliveira Braga (PI) and Márcio Iglesias Araújo Silva (PI)
VAR: Caio Max Augusto Vieira (RN)

YOUTH: Marcelo Carne; Michel, Vitor Mendes, Didi and William Matheus; Matheu Jesus, Castilho and Wagner; Marcos Vinicios, Capixaba and Ricardo Bueno.
Technician: Marquinhos Santos.

SÃO PAULO: James Volpi; Bruno Alves, Miranda and Léo; Daniel Alves, Luan, Nestor, Benítez (Gabriel Sara) and Reinaldo; Rigoni and Pablo.
Technician: Hernan Crespo.

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