Secret Truths 2 will have male frontal nude scene

Globo hit the hammer in relation to the exhibition of Secret Truths 2 on your streaming platform. If nothing changes, the continuation of the novel created by Walcyr Executioner will be part of Globoplay’s catalog from the second half of October.

The column found that this season there will be several frontal nude scenes involving cast actors. It is noteworthy that a penile prosthesis will be used in a specific scene. They say that the take recalls the third episode of the series Sex/Life gives Netflix. The hottest takes are being produced just to be aired on Globoplay.

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In addition to the penile prosthesis, Globo produced a life-size doll of the child actor who plays Angel’s son in the continuation of the project that portrays the pink book. This doll will be used in some scenes to save the five-year-old child. Secret Truths 2 will feature only 50 episodes.

successful continuation

The column found that Angel (Camila Queiroz) will be arrested after claiming responsibility for the death of Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) which occurred five years ago. According to sources, this scene was very strong, as the model was arrested in front of her young son who suffers from leukemia and urgently needs a transplant.

Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) and Angel (Camila Queiroz)

After discovering that Angel became pregnant by her father, Giovanna (Agatha Moreira) will shelter the child in her home. Remembering that the young woman is the only compatible donor with the boy.