See in the project how the new SUS emergency in Gravataí – Giro de Gravataí will look like

Announcement of the new emergency was made by Mayor Luiz Zaffalon last Wednesday (25).

Designed for an area of ​​907 square meters – more than double the current structure, the new emergence of SUS at Hospital Dom João Becker was officially announced by Mayor Luiz Zaffalon, this last Wednesday (25), in an investment of R$ 10 million. The structure will be built in the recently closed Hospital de Campanha.

O Gravesend Tour had access to the project presented by Santa Casa. In this first phase, the work will be financed with a transfer of R$ 3 million, announced by the president of the Chamber Alan Vieira and which corresponds to the advance of the budget that is annually returned to the city’s coffers. See the project:

According to the superintendent of the HDJB, Antônio Weston, Gravataí will receive the most modern SUS Emergency in the State. “With the effort of everyone, public authorities, private initiative and Santa Casa, we are going to deliver, next year, a service that meets the needs of the Gravataí community”, he highlighted.

Not to depend only on public resources, tools to encourage the participation of the private sector in financing the work of the new emergency and improvements to the nursing home are being built, revealed the Secretary of Health, Régis Fonseca. “So that everyone can participate in this process of improving the health of the municipality and exercise belonging to the community in which they are inserted, laws and programs will soon be presented to society.”