See the mansion where Renan Bolsonaro and his mother, Ana Cristina, moved to; video | Policy

Ana Cristina and Jair Renan moved in June to the property. The information was published in reports from the magazine ” Veja” and the Uol portal, and confirmed by TV Globo, who took pictures of the place.

The mansion is located in Lago Sul, a prime area of ​​Brasília, and overlooks the JK bridge – one of the main landmarks of the city. The mansion listing features the following details about the property:

  • large rooms with four environments
  • 50 square meter pool
  • Four suites, with fine finishing and closet
  • Master suite bathroom finished “Sleek and generous in size, providing luxurious comfort and space”
  • washroom “elegant, finished in marble and granite”
  • doors in glass panels for large balconies, “giving excellent ventilation, light and integration with the garden and leisure area”
  • dining room with double height, bringing “modernity and elegance to the environment

Jair Renan made a recent post on his social network profile showing a party at the mansion by the pool area.

Ana Cristina, a lawyer, currently works as an advisor to federal deputy Celina Leão (PP-DF), with a net salary of R$6.2 thousand. According to Uol, the rent for houses next to that of the president’s ex-wife and son is around R$ 15 thousand per month

Before moving to Brasília, mother and son lived in an apartment in Rio de Janeiro measuring 70 square meters, which is in the name of the president.

Also according to the reports, the owner of the mansion is a realtor named Geraldo Antônio Machado, who says he has been working in the business for 13 years.

Despite owning a mansion valued at R$ 3.2 million, Geraldo lives in a modest residence in Vicente Pires, a middle-class neighborhood 30 km from Lago Sul.

To Uol, he told that he bought the mansion to live in it, but he still hasn’t been able to move because he needs to do other business first. Geraldo no longer has any property in his name, other than the mansion.

According to reports, he bought the property a few days before Ana Cristina and Jair Renan moved there.