Son of Paulo Gustavo makes a rare appearance and impresses: “just like his father”

The son of humorist Paulo Gustavo, little Gael, enchanted him in a very rare photo

the comedian’s son Paulo Gustavo, the two-year-old boy Gael, made a very rare appearance and surprised him! As the little one completed two years of life, to celebrate, he received a beautiful declaration from his aunt and Paulo’s sister, Juliana Amaral.

Juliana Amaral showed the little face of little Gael, who is the son of Paulo Gustavo with her husband, the dermatologist Thales Bretas. She wrote: “Gael my love, congratulations today and always! Father in Heaven has brought you to us, with an immense amount of light, love and hope! Aunt Juju will always be by your side supporting you in everything and making your life happy! Papa Paulo is also by your side always supporting you! LOVE YOU”.

Thales Bretas also declared himself for little Gael. “Today is the day of the most laughing and funniest boy I know! Two years ago enchanting everyone wherever he goes. Observer, independent and very special! Dad loves you Gael, my son, great health and millions of achievements in this life that is just beginning! I love you forever!” said the famous dad.

Many famous people have praised little Gael. “What a beautiful thing, Jú! Lots of health and the most beautiful things for Gael”, commented actress Nanda Costa. And singer Marcella Fogaça commented: “Oh my Deusooo”. And the presenter Didi Wagner also said: “What love!”. And the actress Cacau Protasio also said: “Very beautiful!”. The presenter Regina Casé also said: “What a dream!”.

Internet users were just praise for little Gael and even talked about his similarity to Paulo Gustavo. “He looks just like his father! How beautiful”, commented an internet user. And another internet user also said: “He is Paulo! That’s amazing!”. A netizen also commented: “Most beautiful thing! Congratulations Gael! A lot, a lot, a lot of health!”. Another internet user also commented: “Very beautiful! Good health for you!”.

The two-year-old son of comedian Paulo Gustavo

One of the children of comedian Paulo Gustavo, little Gael

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