Sport and Chapecoense tie and sink in the relegation zone – 08/28/2021

Sport and Chapecoense wasted the chance of thinking about leaving the relegation zone and tied 0-0 tonight (28), at Ilha do Retiro, in Recife, in a match valid for the 18th round of the Brazilian Championship. With the result, the Lion, now with 16 points, will spend another round in Z4. Chape, with 7 points, remains at the bottom of the championship.

In the next round, Sport faces Athletico-PR at a time and place to be defined by the Brazilian Football Confederation. Chapecoense, on the other hand, will face Fluminense, at Arena Condá, on Tuesday (7), at 9:30 pm.

Teams without field technicians

Leão da Ilha was led by interim coach Ricardo Severo. Paraguayan Gustavo Florentín, hired on Thursday (26), to lead the team, landed in Pernambuco in the early afternoon and followed the game from the stands. On Chapecoense’s side, coach Pintado, suspended after the expulsion against Atlético-GO, could not enter the field and the team was led by assistant Dino Camargo.

Florentín - Rafael Vieira/AGIF - Rafael Vieira/AGIF

Sport Gustavo Florentín’s new coach accompanied the match against Chapecoense on Ilha do Retiro

Image: Rafael Vieira/AGIF

predictable moves

Sport had the most possession of the ball throughout the first half and looked for attacks on the left side, but could not make the ball spin and finish his attacks on the other side of the field, which left the plays predictable with little playing time. Chape, on the other hand, bet on robberies during the departures of goalkeeper Mailson to try to open the scoreboard or through counterattacks with Bruno Silva, on the left wing.

Best chance of the first half

The teams had little real chance of opening the scoreboard during the first half. The only good opportunity came from Sport, with Hernanes, in the 13th minute, commanding the area, and Pedro Henrique playing with his head to almost score. The goalkeeper Keiller held and the ball was still in the hit and hit with Cristiano, sitting on the lawn, but in the end, the ball did not enter.

Bruno Silva makes defensive line

The Sport team, knowing that Chape has the worst performance in the competition and having difficulties in containing attacks from the left side, attacked more in this region. Thus, he forced Bruno Silva, the most participative player in the offensive system, to sometimes make the defensive front line of Chapecó’s team.

Sport - Rafael Vieira/AGIF - Rafael Vieira/AGIF

Thiago Neves shares with Alan Santos during the match between Sport and Chapecoense for the Brasileirão

Image: Rafael Vieira/AGIF

Second stage is a reflection of the first

The second stage was not so different from the first, and Sport continued to dominate the plays even with the coaches of both teams making changes in midfield and in attack. Leão kept its attacking plays, but now alternating between right and left, while Chape couldn’t hit a good sequence of passes to open the marker.

Negative highlight for Pedro Henrique

Pedro Henrique didn’t seem to have his head in the game and missed almost every pass he tried for his teammates. The bad moment was noticed by the rival coach, Dino Camargo, who guided the Chapecoense team to force the attacks towards the defender, betting on his mistakes to try to open the score.

chances at the end

Even with one more on the field in the final stretch of the game, Chapecoense could not dominate Sport. On the contrary, the opponent kept possession of the ball and put pressure on Chapecó’s team until the last minute, mainly with low cross plays with Hayner. The visitors bet on Geuvânio going up and running down the left, but without success.


Reason: 18th round of the Brazilian Championship – Serie A
Local: Ilha do Retiro, Recife (PE)
Date and time: 08/28/2021 (Sunday), at 5:00 pm (Brasília time)
Referee: Jefferson Ferreira de Moraes (AB/GO)
Assistants: Cristhian Passos Sorence (AB/GO) and Edson Antonio de Sousa (AB/GO)
Yellow cards: 2x Thiago Neves (SPO)
Red cards: Thiago Neves (SPO)
Goals: did not have

Sport: Mailson, Hayner, Sabino, Pedro Henrique, Sander, Zé Welison, Hernandes (Everton Felipe), Thiago Neves, Gustavo, Cristiano (Leandro Barcia) and Mikael. Technician: Ricardo Severus.

Chapecoense: Keiller, Joilson (Kadu), Jordan, Busanello, Matheus Ribeiro, Léo Gomes (Geuvânio), Alan Santos (Moisés Ribeiro), Denner, Mike, Anselmo Ramon (Fabinho) and Bruno Silva (Perotti). Technician: Dino Camargo.