Taking care of skin after 40 can rejuvenate appearance

Basic care is best

Basic care is best

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Taking care of the skin is essential to keep your appearance and health up to date. It is often possible to forget, but the skin is the largest organ in the human body and deserves special care. It is it that receives, in a direct way, all types of exposures, whether from the sun, wind or even chemical products handled on a daily basis.

It is natural that, over time, it ends up going through countless transformations. Therefore, with advancing age, wrinkles, spots and sagging also usually appear. But there are some treatments that can slow this process down and help you take care of your skin. If done correctly, gains in luminosity and elasticity are visible.

Sagging is perhaps the first sign that your skin is not the same as it was years ago. According to dermatologist José Roberto Fraga Filho, Titular member of the Brazilian Society of Dermatology (SBD) and clinical director of Clínica Dermagynus, this usually happens after the age of 30, which is when we start the process of collagen loss – in average 1% per year. “In the face, specifically, there is a change in shape: before, it has a triangular shape, indicating youth, and then, a hexagonal shape, showing a certain melting of the face”, he says.

Therefore, it is essential that the act of caring for the skin does not start only when the signs of aging start to appear. Treatment needs to be preventive to give more results. Asked about the best early technique, Dr José had no doubts: sunscreen. According to the expert, light is most responsible for the continuous damage to the skin.

For the doctor, there is no secret about skin care. He claims that simple practices, performed every day, are the best way to keep her health up to date. The indication is to periodically wash your face with the appropriate soap for your skin type. In addition, the use of moisturizer and sunscreen is enough. “Topical treatments aim to improve the quality of the skin, that is, to treat blemishes, fine wrinkles, open pores, among other conditions. But these creams cannot treat sagging caused by age, for example”, points out the dermatologist.

Another fact that must be taken into account is food. It can directly interfere with skin health. “With the rush of modern life, however, it is not always feasible to eat correctly, so, from the age of 35 onwards, we use vitamin supplementation to stimulate collagen,” he adds.

People who want to go further, or chase the damage, usually resort to aesthetic treatments to take care of their skin. According to José, the main one is botox. “As for flaccidity, we recommend collagen Biostimulators and other technologies, such as microfocused ultrasound. While peelings and lasers are options in cases of blemishes”, explains the specialist.

However, the basic recommendation is to bet on the lifestyle. Having a healthy life, with regular physical exercise, balanced diet and away from smoking are essential for the health of the skin – and the whole body.

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