Teenager builds electric motorcycle made of wood powered 100% by solar energy with surprising autonomy

solar energy - teenager - electric motorcycle Wooden scooter even has a Bluetooth sound system and has enough autonomy to run for a week – credits: IG autonews

Teenager Samuel Aboagye surprised everyone with the creation of a solar-powered electric motorcycle

Ghanaian-born 17-year-old Samuel Aboagye has been successful on the internet with his successful inventions. His latest creation was a wooden electric motorbike, powered by solar energy and which has positive and considerable attributes. The boy saw an incredible talent born in the midst of need, and he has been making it his work tool. Samuel has created drones and washing machines, among other things.

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Electric motorcycle market in Brazil

The electric motorcycle market is the most promising on a global level. However, the large automakers have not yet popularized their projects around the world and some countries – like ours – still have few electrified options for purchase.

However, we already have some interesting ones. Currently, our main alternatives are scooters, but there are some motorcycles as well. Likewise, we have national and other imported options. The most famous of the companies in question is the national company Voltz Motors, headquartered in Recife (PE). The trend is for the domestic market to mature as the main combustion motorcycle manufacturers create their electric ones.

And efforts for this are not lacking. Honda recently introduced a new low-cost scooter abroad, and brands such as Ducati, BMW, Suzuki and Triumph work tirelessly on new vehicles. Its popularization on a global – and national – level is just a matter of time.

Electric motorcycle creation process

Young man from Ghana, aged 17, manufactures SOLAR ELECTRIC MOTOR BICYCLE.

Samuel used pieces of wood, firewood, scrap metal and parts of an old bicycle. He didn’t even need a drill, just a knife to mold the materials and, thus, give life to the electric motorcycle powered by solar energy.

The teenager full of potential even installed a Bluetooth sound device and a radio, to make the trip more pleasant. To give life to the electric bike – and also for the sound to work – Samuel chose to use solar energy.

The teenager reported that he initially used about 20 phone batteries, but ended up switching to a battery from his mother’s sewing machine. He placed a solar panel on the rear of the bike and attached the battery close to the plate to create range between them. Samuel says it takes about a week to recharge the bike again. The electric bike’s completion time was just two weeks.

Adolescent’s visibility on the internet

Samuel’s appearance on the internet was made through videos that people in traffic made, when they saw him riding his electric motorcycle. Soon the teenager gained the attention of people around the world, he was asked how he had accomplished such a feat, and thus became news.

In addition to the electric motorcycle, drone and washing machine, the teenager also created a mechanism to wash the protection masks against the coronavirus and a sound device via bluetooth, coupled to a gallon of water.