Teenager creates sun-powered scooter! Check out the bike;

Have you thought about dodging the price charged by brands today? Well, a teenager decided to solve this problem with his own hands…literally! He rode a wooden scooter, powered by solar energy and even bluetooth. At home.

The scooter has a horn and signal light

Samuel Aboagye, 17, is responsible for building a scooter with wood that would be used for firewood and reused parts to make his creation run on solar energy.

In addition, the brake system was reused from an old bicycle

So, the teenager from ghana went viral on the internet, was shared by the Ghanaian newspaper YEN and by youtuber and activist Efo Selasi showing how he assembled the motorcycle with parts that are normally discarded by a good part of the population.

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Meet the sustainable scooter


The scooter was built with wood and the remains of a used bicycle.

Samuel built the motorcycle from scratch, however, the vehicle has 100% of the material used being recycled. For manufacturing, don’t think that the teenager had a well-equipped workshop. The guy only used a knife to cut, drill and shape the ‘chassis’.

The tour with the teenager is so complete that he has equipped his creation with a system of Bluetooth sound and a radio that can tune in to over 100 stations in the area.

A knife was used to cut and shape the wood.

In addition to connectivity via bluetooth, the scooter has parts parts of an old bicycle that no longer worked. In this way, Samuel is able to count on a system of brakes, signal lights and even a horn.

The engine has already gone through update


Samuel installed a solar power board to power the vehicle

At first, the scooter had the power generated by 20 phone batteries to be able to work. However, the teenager realized that the contraption was a lot of work and improved the idea.

So the old ‘engine’ was replaced by a battery of your mother’s sewing machine, powered by a small solar panel on the back. Now your scooter spends a whole week before it needs to recharge again.

Finally, the boy completed the project in two weeks and shows that it will not stop there. In addition to the scooter, he has already built a washing machine and a drone.