Tesla Model Y achieves production of 1,000 units/day in China

Youtube channel Wu wa reports in one of its latest videos that the daily production of Tesla Model Y at Tesla Giga Shanghai it reached around 1,000 units per day, this shortly after the plant underwent an upgrade in a four-day break.

It’s not official data yet, but it may be true, as the factory parking lot is filled with Model Y electric SUV units.

It would also mean that Model Y ‘Made in China’ (MIC) production is now above the Model 3 MIC (estimated at 800 units per day).

Let’s remember that the Tesla, in its second quarter financial report, stated that the Model 3/Y’s combined production is more than 450,000 per year and that the plant has become the company’s “leading vehicle export hub”.

Tesla exported around 8,210 MIC Model Y in July and that number is expected to increase rapidly. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, most of the production for the first part of the quarter will be exported.

Thousands of Chinese Model Y units have recently arrived in Europe, starting an entirely new chapter for the company. This year, the Model 3 was basically the only Tesla available in Europe, but now the brand has a chance to expand its presence (at some point the new Model S/X will also hit the Old Continent, which is likely to happen in 2022) .

In China, Tesla offers not only the Long Range and Performance versions of the Model Y (both all-wheel drive), but also the Standard Range version with rear-wheel drive, equipped with CATL LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries.

Meanwhile, exports of the Model 3 Performance made in China continue on the rise and, more recently, a large batch of cars has been seen ready to be shipped to Singapore:

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