The result of the “Super Dance of the Famous” leaks and the public revolts

Guys, what a breath! A few hours from the grand final of the “Super Dance of the Famous”, columnists Leo Dias and Fábia Oliveira, from Metrópoles and O Dia, respectively, stated that Paolla Oliveirthe winner of the 2009 edition got the better of it again and won the position of victor in this year’s edition.

The final was decided between Paolla, Rodrigo Simas and Dandar Mariana, with the blonde getting the better of it. The result came out last Friday, August 27th, when the episode was recorded to be aired this Sunday, August 29th.

In the official profile of TV Globo, on Instagram, internet users showed anger at the outcome of the dancing competition. In a publication made about the final, the preference was for Dandara who, for the second time, did not lift the trophy.

“Dandara’s fool to miss this ‘dance,’” commented a follower. “[…] Rede Globo baba egg of Paolla. Dandara dances better,” said another. “I think it’s better to record again, as reported, everyone already knows the result”, pointed out another person.

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On Twitter there was also a public demonstration and Dandara again appeared as the favorite.

“Leo Dias leaked that Paolla Oliveira won the ‘Dança dos Famosos’. I love Paolla and I think she’s amazing, but I hope it’s another trolling over him [Leo Dias]. Champion Team Dandara”, said one netizen. “Dandara Mariana deserved more to win the Super ‘Dance of the Famous’ I’m with hate”, guaranteed another.

In addition to Paolla, Simas also has a competition trophy, received in the 2012 edition. Dandara, in turn, participated in the program in 2019, but ended up as runner-up after Kaysar Dadour was consecrated as a great champion.


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