Thiago Neves points out lack of tune in Leão before being expelled “We don’t play alone”

Sport’s objective when facing Chapecoense on Ilha do Retiro was one: victory. The three points would make Papa da Cidade breathe and leave the relegation zone, however, what was achieved fled the goal and the Lion tied for 0-0. The result was known at the end of the match, but when leaving for the break, the captain of the team, Thiago Neves, gave indications that things were not going well on the field.

“We had never played with this formation. We have to be more attentive, create the moves. It’s no use me talking, Gustavo trying. We don’t play alone. We need everyone’s help to create a good move and score the goal,” said the shirt 30 Rubro-Negro before heading to the locker room.

However, Thiago Neves was sent off 36 minutes into the second half, after being warned with two yellow cards in four minutes. Until leaving the game, the midfielder was looking for a reaction from Leão. In the first half, he made three submissions and played the role of creating in Sport’s team.

Sport goes through four games without finding the path to the opponent’s goal. With the point achieved in Saturday’s draw (28), he reached 16 points, but is in 18th place and extended the agony of leaving the Z-4, something he could have done in the round against Chapecoense. Leão returns to the field for Brasileirão next Sunday (5), against Athletico Paranaense, at Arena da Baixada, Curitiba.