Three-time world champion, Jairzinho is hospitalized with covid-19 in Rio, in stable state – Sports

idol of Botafogo and one of the highlights of winning the third world championship with the Brazilian Team in 1970, in Mexico, the former striker jairzinho was hospitalized in Rio this Saturday with Covid-19. The revelation was made by your son, Jair Ventura, which guarantees the father’s “steady state”.

While calming fans about the clinical condition of Jairzinho, 76, coach Jair Ventura asked the fans to make a chain of prayers for his father to win the battle against the virus as quickly as possible.

“Even though we were vaccinated, our Hurricane was hospitalized because of covid-19. His condition is stable”, he posted, announcing the hospitalization of Jairzinho. “I ask with great affection that everyone may pray for him, and that he may have a speedy recovery.”

Club in which Jairzinho made history, Botafogo endorsed Jair Ventura’s request and also asked for prayers for his idol. “All our prayers for our dear Hurricane to recover as quickly as possible,” wrote the Rio club.

Jairzinho scored in every match of the three-championship campaign and was protected by two doses of vaccine. Even so, he had the flu and, when he was sent to the hospital, he ended up diagnosed with covid-19.

Experts have said that the positive result in vaccinated people is normal, but they guarantee that the risk of death is much lower. Jairzinho will be under observation at the hospital to prevent the disease from getting worse.