Thrilled, Aracy Balabanian fumbles and shows her middle finger to Patricia Poeta during ‘É de Casa’

On social networks, the public had fun with the moment starring the actress without meaning to; Look

The actress Aracy Balabanian fumbled and ended up showing the middle finger to Patricia Poet during the It’s from Home which aired this Saturday (28).

She was very moved to be honored and review part of her long trajectory.

The actress then said that she never removes a piece of jewelry that she wears on her finger: it was a gift from her mother and has immense affective value. Global even said that when it makes rich characters, it exhibits the play, and that it hides it when it’s playing someone poor.

She then raised her middle finger to show the ring leaving those watching the program confused. This gesture is considered obscene.

On social networks, fans had fun with the moment starring the actress who was, of course, totally unintentionally.