Tim Maia died from Covid? Interviewee is shocked to learn of the singer’s death

Fan of the singer, a guest on a show was stunned to “discover” that he died… more than 20 years ago

Finding out that an idol has died can bring tears to anyone. Now, imagine finding out that he died 23 years ago while you still had plans to meet him? Well that’s what happened with an interview when I learned that Tim Maia died… a long time ago.

Guest found out that idol was already dead during recording –  Photo: Reproduction/TicaracaticastGuest discovered that the idol was already dead during recording – Photo: Reproduction/Ticaracaticast

Influencer Karen Kardasha participated in the recording of the program Ticaracaticast, by humorists Bola e Carioca, when she was asked about an idol she would like to meet.

Without thinking twice, she quoted Tim Maia, with whom she would love to talk, but the paths “never crossed”, according to her.

Unable to hold back the reaction, the program’s conductors burst out laughing, leaving the guest without knowing why.

It was then that they “revealed” that the singer is already dead, leaving Karen shocked and making her guest cry. However, which was bad enough, it got even worse when she asked if the cause of death was Covid-19, eliciting even more laughter from the participants. Look:

The video, published on Friday (27), already has almost 70 thousand views this Saturday (28) and leaves the lesson: it’s always good to check your idol’s health before commenting.