Tokyo 2020 | The medals of Brazil on the 4th day of the Paralympics

There are already 23 medals won by the Brazil in the Tokyo Paralympics, in four days of competition, with the sum of the six that were billed this Saturday (28). The modalities in which the country shone on the podium are judo, table tennis, athletics and swimming.


In athletics, Cícero Valdiran Lins Nobre won the bronze medal in javelin, in the F57 class; Thalita Simplicio got silver in the 400m of the T11 class; and Julyana da Silva got the bronze in the record release, in the F57 class.

Table tennis

In table tennis, the first medal won was bronze. Cátia Oliveira won the insignia, for Class 2, after losing the match against South Korean Seo Su Yeon, current world champion and Paralympic runner-up, by 3 sets to 1 (11/7, 8/11, 5/11 and 9/11) for the semifinals of the competition.


In judo, Lúcia Araújo got the first medal of the sport in the edition, with the bronze earned in the category up to 57 kg, after beating Russian Natalia Ovchinnikova by ippon.


In the 4x100m mixed relay race, class S14, the last race of the day, the Brazil got the bronze with Gabriel Bandeira, Ana Karolina Soares, Débora Borges Carneiro and Felipe Caltran. But, it was not a direct achievement. O Brazil was, in fact, in fourth place, with a time of 3min51s23, but ended up inheriting the third position, due to the disqualification of the Russian Paralympic Committee.

Gabriel Bandeira, from São Paulo, broke another record in Tokyo, making a time of 51s11 and helped the yellow-green team to nail this bronze in the Tokyo Water Park. The gold went to Great Britain (which timed 3min40s63) and the silver to Australia (which completed the race in 3min46s38).