Tom Cruise’s BMW stolen by Hackers

Actor Tom Cruise had his BMW X7 hacked and stolen while filming Mission Impossible 7 in Birmingham (England), last Tuesday (24).

According to information from the newspaper “The Sun”, the robbers used a scanner to clone the signal from the car’s keyless ignition control, which was parked in front of a hotel. Valued at around 100,000 pounds (equivalent to a little over R$700,000), Cruise’s hacked BMW was even recovered by police the next day thanks to an electronic tracking device. But Cruise’s belongings inside were lost — including a significant (and expensive) amount of luggage.


“Investigations were carried out with images of the area where the car was recovered. They are still ongoing,” said a police spokeswoman for the West Midlands, metropolitan county where Birmingham is located.

Cruise’s security officer discovered Wednesday morning that the car had been stolen. Upon receiving the news, the 59-year-old actor would have gone “completely crazy”, according to the newspaper.

Tom Cruise’s BMW stolen, movie continues

With inflated cast, Mission Impossible 7 is set to open in the US on May 26, 2022. It is directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who has filmed the last two features in the franchise and is also a script writer.

According to the BBC, parts of the center of Birmingham were closed between Sunday (22) and Wednesday (25) for recordings, amidst the theft of Tom Cruise’s BMW. The film also had screenings in London, Italy and Norway. An eighth feature of the franchise is scheduled to come out in July 2023.

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