Tour in the Village! Gabigol makes three against Santos, and Flamengo thrashes with the right to the rookie mark

The start of the 18th round of the Brazilian Championship was marked by an indigestible reunion for the hosts. Provoked by Santos guests in the stands, Gabigol scored three times against Santos, in a game in which Flamengo thrashed 4-0, in Vila Belmiro, this Saturday. Newcomer, Andreas Pereira still closed the score, built entirely in a hustle of the rubro-negros in the final stage, contributing to the team’s arrival at the G4.

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Santos coming from a defeat in the Copa do Brasil, needing to react with Fernando Diniz. Flamengo packed with rout in the tournament, but with the need to pack in Brasileirão. It promised, but the first stage left something to be desired in emotion, not only for the lack of goals. There was little technical inspiration from the teams, who even finished in good numbers (ten from Fla and four from home).

The highlights are João Paulo, with safe defenses and good positioning, and Pirani, in sprints from behind through holes in the middle, on the Santos side. On the other hand, there was a lack of repertoire in offensive plays, while a limited Fish set the bolt at the entrance to the area, but the intense volume of the red-black game signaled who would deal the cards in the final stage.

Saints x Flamengo

Flamengo and Santos went to the locker room reset (Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo)


Gabigol is a character who is hardly far from protagonism. At the end of the first half, he was cursed by guests from the Santos board who were in the stands. Well, as someone who feeds his “powers” based on the hatred of rivals, the shirt 9 was keen to provoke them in the best way: shouting a goal directly at the “haters”. The origin was a penalty awarded – Wagner Leonardo missed the domain and pulled Michael into the area. And he, to “variate”, did not waste the charge.


And little did Santos know that the situation would get even more dire. The owners of the house started to err in profusion in the exit of the ball. Gabigol took full advantage of his ability to go to the net. It was twice more, after a beautiful assist by Matheuzinho and a rebound by João Paulo, after a kick by Matheuzinho. The Santos goalkeeper had been avoiding the rout, with excellent defenses (Gabi himself faced each other twice and stopped in him), but everything had a limit… The power of the red-black squad massacred in the final stretch.


Flamengo played as they wanted in the second half, taking advantage of all the technical flaws of a much inferior rival. For visitors, the party was even more complete, as Andreas Pereira, practically in his first touch for the new club, finished with class when João Paulo left and ended the score in a rout. It is also worth mentioning the great participation of another ex-Peixe: Thiago Maia, who gave a new dynamic, in both phases of the game, to Renato Gaúcho’s team. The debut of the black uniform (3) was hot foot.

Saints x Flamengo

New uniform was hot (Photo: Alexandre Vidal / Flamengo)


Now, Santos, with 22 points and in the middle of the table, will have a full week until the next confrontation, which will be against Cuiabá, on Saturday, at Arena Pantanal. Flamengo, with 31 points, will have even more time to prepare, as they will not play during the FIFA Date to follow. It only takes the field on September 12, in front of Palmeiras, away from home. Both games will be valid for the Brazilian.

Date and time: August 28, 2021, at 7:00 pm (Brasília time)
Local: Vila Belmiro, in Santos (SP)
Referee: Braulio da Silva Machado (SC)
Assistants: Bruno Boschilia (PR) and Nailton Junior de Sousa Oliveira (CE)
Video Arbitrator: Rodolpho Toski Marques (PR)
Yellow cards: Carlos Sánchez, Robson, Felipe Jonatan, Jean Mota
(SAN) / Isla, Diego, Bruno Viana, Gustavo Henrique (FLA)
Red cards: –

GOALS: Gabigol, 6’/2ºT (0-1), 25’/2ºT (0-2), 34’/2ºT (0-3); Andreas Pereira, 38’/2ºT (0-4).

SANTOS (Technician: Fernando Diniz)
John Paul; Madson, Robson Reis, Wagner Leonardo and Felipe Jonatan; Camacho, Jean Mota, Carlos Sánchez and Gabriel Pirani; Lucas Braga (Marcos Guilherme, 23’/2ºT) and Marcos Leonardo.

FLAMENGO (Technician Renato Gaucho)
Diego Alves; Isla (Matheuzinho, 17’/2ºT), Bruno Viana, Gustavo Henrique, Bruno Viana and Filipe Luís; Willian Arão, Diego (Thiago Maia, 17’/2ºT) and Arrascaeta (Vitinho, 35’/2ºT); Everton Ribeiro (Andreas Pereira, 35’/2ºT), Michael and Gabigol (Pedro, 35’/2ºT).