understand the crap of Gugu heritage

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In recent days, the inheritance of Gugu Liberato, which has already been estimated at more than R$ 1 billion, has once again become controversial on social networks. It all started with a video of the presenter’s twins, the young Sofia and Marina Liberato, which would have been leaked.

In the recording, which would initially be restricted to the courts, the two talk about problems they have been facing since their father died in a domestic accident in the United States, in November 2019.

In one of the excerpts of the video, Marina even regrets the fact that she was not allowed to buy a Porsche in the United States, having to settle for a more modest car.

After the two speeches generated comments on the web, the twins’ brother, João Augusto Liberato, stopped following the also heirs on social networks. They retaliated against the unfollow and even warned that he had joined the aunt of the orphans, Aparecida Liberato, who is the executor of the case.

The twins then went to the web to express themselves and warned about the content of the recording. “Hi guys, how are you? So I’m making this video to clarify a few things for you guys. For all the people who are criticizing and judging me, since the video leaked, I suggest you watch the entire video for you understand the context. You’ll see that it’s not actually a car purchase, it’s a much more serious and important issue behind it. I also wanted to clarify that my sister and I didn’t and won’t do any interviews for no one, so much so that our process is under judicial secrecy,” reported Sofia. The same text was shared by Marina.


The twins, in the recording, make a series of complaints. The car, really, was just one of the points that were covered.

In another excerpt, the two talk about the allowance they receive under the tutelage of their aunt, which is currently 500 dollars, something around R$ 2,600. They asked that the value be increased to 2,500 dollars, which is equivalent to R$ 13 thousand, but the request was denied by the tutor, who is the sister of the presenter.

With this, the twins claim that the treatment between the heirs was unequal, as they claim that Gugu’s mother, Maria do Céu, and her son, João Augusto, receive more than they do on a regular basis.

Photo: Antonio Chahestian/Record TV


With an estimated fortune of over R$ 1 billion, Gugu left a living will ready to avoid problems – this part, however, was only intended. Much of the presenter’s equity was left in real estate and businesses. Of the total, he stipulated that 75% remained for the children, with 25% for each. Another 25% would be for the nephews, which are five in total, so 5% each.

Gugu left out Rose Miriam Di Matteo, mother of the heirs. The doctor then went to court to be formally recognized as the communicator’s heir. In the court battle, contested by Gugu’s family, Rose ended up losing the support of her own son, João, who stayed with his aunt, Aparecida. The twins sided with their mother.

In the midst of all this, there was a chef who claimed to have lived a homo-affective relationship with the presenter for years. In May 2020, Thiago Salvático confirmed that he would go to court to also be recognized as heir. The action was filed with the 9th Family and Succession Court of the Central Court of the Judicial District of São Paulo. The whole process runs in secrecy.