Unify buys Joinville’s Zappen provider

Unifique has purchased the fiber optic internet provider Zappen, which operates in the city of Joinville, in Santa Catarina, for R$40 million. The ISP belonged to the partners Cristiano Holdefer, Vilmar da Silva and Alexandre da Cunha. The acquisition results in the transfer of infrastructure and 16 thousand customers.


The payment method includes an initial payment of 50% of the Acquisition Price, and 50% of the Acquisition Price with payment in 24 (twenty-four) equal monthly and consecutive installments, monetarily restated by the CDI index.

Unifique, it is worth remembering, is already present in the city of Joinville, where it serves around 18 thousand customers. With the deal, it almost doubles the local wallet. In addition, he says, the deal will result in “strong synergy” arising from the “dilution of fixed costs of the operation and the increase in revenue from the services to be offered to the new customer base and potential customers of the acquired fiber optic network”.

The contract entered into contains a clause of Non-Competition Obligation of the selling parties for a period of 5 (five) years and covers only the State of Santa Catarina.

Unifique went public in July. The money raised, warned the company at the time, would be used precisely for organic and inorganic growth – that is, the purchase of competitors. Earlier this month the group announced the acquisition of two other providers in the south of the country.