Unvaccinated teacher infects students with covid-19

When reading without a mask to a class of elementary school students located in California, United States, a teacher who was not vaccinated against covid-19 transmitted the disease to more than half of the students – who infected other students, family members and people in the community. region.

The case occurred in May this year and was confirmed yesterday by official California health agencies.

The teacher went to work even with symptoms of covid-19. The class had 22 students. In all, 12 were infected, among which were eight of the 10 children who sat in the first two rows.

Twenty-seven coronavirus infections were counted, including the professor. None had the serious condition of the disease and all recovered.

The details were sent to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) by a Marin County public health group, according to CNN.

The CDC also said it is important that adults are vaccinated to protect children, as children under 12 cannot be immunized against covid-19.

According to analyzes by the US health regulator, the infections that were analyzed involved the delta variant — the most contagious coronavirus to date.