US enters final phase of withdrawal at Kabul airport | World

The US Armed Forces are in the final stages of withdrawing from Kabul, Afghanistan. This Sunday (29), there are about 1,000 civilians at Hamid Karzaida airport. After these people leave, the military itself will leave the country and, then, the Taliban will take over the airport.

A US military official at the airport said the plan is to ensure that all foreign civilians and those at risk are evacuated this Sunday. Force members will begin flying when this process is complete.

About 113,500 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan by the United States and allies in the past two weeks. However, it is estimated that tens of thousands who could also have traveled were left behind.

In addition, the Taliban blocked the roads leading to the airport and allowed only authorized buses to pass.

President Joe Biden has stated that he will maintain the withdrawal calendar, which calls for the end of the operation on Tuesday (31). There are about 4,000 soldiers in Kabul.

Satellite images show a crowd of people gathered on the Afghan-Pakistan border. The video records the increased movement in the southern region of the country — one of several attempts by the population to flee the Taliban extremist group (watch below).

VIDEO: Satellite images show crowd at Afghan border

VIDEO: Satellite images show crowd at Afghan border

This is one of the largest operations to evacuate people by planes in history. The move marks the end of the 20-year mission by the United States, which invaded the country to bring down the Taliban after the September 11, 2001 attacks — terrorists used Afghanistan as a training center.

The collapse of the Afghan government has left an administrative void and there could be an economic crisis and famine in the country.

Prices for wheat, oil and rice are rising rapidly, and the Afghan currency, the Afghani, is falling — on the Pakistani border, exchange houses refuse to accept the Afghani.

On Saturday (28), the banks were forced to open, but there was a withdrawal limit of up to 20,000 Afghanis (about R$ 1,040). Long lines formed on the benches.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said the difficulties will end when the country’s new management takes over. In the coming days, the names that will form the government will be announced, according to him.

NATO and the European Union have asked for an extension of a few days to get all Afghans eligible to receive Western protection.

France and the United Kingdom will advocate on Monday (30), at a meeting at the UN Security Council, the creation of a “safe zone” in Kabul to allow humanitarian operations to continue after Aug. 31, the French president said, Emmanuel Macron.

“This would establish a framework for the United Nations to act as a matter of urgency and would allow, above all, each one to assume their responsibilities and for the international community to maintain pressure on the Taliban,” said Macron.

Many countries, including France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada and Australia, have completed their withdrawal operations. Some nations have admitted that they have left Afghan civilians in danger in the country.

Turkey is negotiating with the Taliban for possible cooperation in managing the airport.

With the return to power, the Taliban are trying to present a more open and moderate image. Many Afghans, however, fear a repeat of the brutal fundamentalist regime imposed between 1996 and 2001, when the Taliban was overthrown by an international coalition led by the United States.

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