Vasco x Ponte Preta: see where to watch, squads, embezzlement and arbitration | brazilian series b

In a situation as similar as their shirts, Vasco and Ponte Preta will duel this Sunday, at 4 pm, in São Januário, for the 21st round of Série B.

Both are in the second part of the table, but the recent moment is different. Vasco, with 28 points added, is coming from three consecutive defeats in Serie B and considerably away from the G-4. Ponte, 22, arrives rocked by the elastic 3-0 victory over Brusque. In fact, Macaca won three of their last five games, and are trying to stay out of the relegation zone.

Streaming: TV Globo broadcasts the game to RJ, DF, AP, RR, AC, RO, AM, PA, MA, PI, RN, PB, ES and SC. Luís Roberto narrates, and Júnior, Roger Flores and Fernanda Colombo (Central do Apito) make the comments. Premiere shows the duel for the whole country with narration by Julio Oliveira and comments by Carlos Eduardo Lino. ge accompanies the game with videos and images in real time.

Lisca’s big news is the return of Leandro Castan, practically confirmed. Without playing since the 12th, when he suffered an injury to his right thigh, the captain completed the week of training without limitations and should start alongside Miranda. Without Sarrafiore (Covid-19) and Morato (suspended), Gabriel Pec should take the lead. In the middle, Andrey and Galarza dispute the place of Romulo, also suspended.

Probable lineup: Vanderlei, Léo Matos, Miranda, Leandro Castan and Zeca; Andrey (Galarza), Bruno Gomes and Marquinhos Gabriel; Léo Jabá, Gabriel Pec and Cano.

Check out the probable Vasco facing Ponte Preta — Photo: ge

Who is out: Romulo, Morato (suspended) and Sarrafiore (Covid-19).

Suspended: Daniel Amorim.

Ponte Preta – technician: Gilson Kleina

Gilson Kleina has the chance to repeat the Ponte’s squad. Despite gaining options for the wings, with Kevin’s return (free from suspension) and the regularization of Marcelo Hermes, and also mentioning that he performed tests during the week, the tendency is for the coach to keep the starting lineup in the 3 rd victory. 0 about Brusque, last Sunday.

Probable escalation: Ivan, Felipe Albuquerque, Cleylton, Thiago Lopes and Rafael Santos (Marcelo Hermes); André Luiz, Vini Locatelli (Léo Naldi) and Fessin; Niltinho, Moisés and Rodrigão.

Probable Bridge against Vasco — Photo: ge

Who is out: defenders Rayan and Fábio Sanches (physical transition); Camilo stocking (treatment of pain in the knee).

Suspended: Vini Locatelli.

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  • Referee: Heber Roberto Lopes (SC)
  • Assistant 1: Alex dos Santos (SC)
  • Assistant 2: Henrique Neu Ribeiro (SC)
  • Video Referee: Jean Pierre Goncalves Lima (RS)