Victim of attacks, Vitão shocks the public with a very heavy outburst: “toxic and dangerous path”

Vitão vents after receiving a wave of attacks: “toxic and dangerous path” (Image: Reproduction / Globe)

vitão opened his heart during an interview with MTVixe channel, on YouTube, and spoke everything he thinks about the wave of hatred present in the virtual world.

A constant target of attacks, the singer, who recently ended his relationship with Luísa Sonza, said that offensive messages can lead the victim to a “toxic and dangerous path”.

“Because human being is this animal to be studied, which has a lot of hatred in its heart, the internet ends up being a no man’s land”, fired the musician.

“Especially at this time of difficulty in our country, I think the attacks end up taking us down a toxic and dangerous path”he said next.

Recently, Luísa Sonza made it clear to fans that in her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, love remains. The blonde assured that she is still very fond of the artist even after the breakup.

On her Instagram profile, she made the following comment: “I love him so much. Regardless of anything, Victor has become part of my family and I will always love and protect him”.

“Let everyone know that love continues and that no one will ever take it away or shake it”, completed, leaving the fans moved with the outburst. In the comments, many of them were moved.

The breakup even happened in the same week that Whindersson Nunes – Luísa’s ex-husband – ended his engagement with Maria Lina, generating a wave of hatred on social media.

The singer was affected and his ex-girlfriend soon tried to lecture the netizens. On her Twitter profile, the blonde recalled recent cases — such as that of the singer’s son Walkyria — of people who died from attacks by haters and used this to make a serious warning:

Mano, you still don’t understand that making destructive comments about each other kills? I don’t know how to tell you anymore. A boy killed himself 1 because of this a few days ago and you still don’t stop doing it? What do you want? Kill one more?”.

In another tweet, Sonza also sent the message to those who follow her career, asking for empathy: “And to my fans, don’t do to each other what you don’t like to do to me”.

A fan of the artist gave his opinion defending Vitão, who was also criticized for his music: “He’s never done anything bad to anyone, he’s just doing what he likes. If you don’t like his songs, why listen? People think this is freedom of speech or opinion, but it kills. People have totally lost track of things, he doesn’t deserve it”.


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