Warmed up! Corinthians awaits Willian’s termination and treats Sunday as “the day of definition”

What seemed like a dream out of reality is very close to happening.

Corinthians awaits the termination of the contract between Willian and Arsenal to advance and announce the player as another reinforcement for Sylvinho’s team.

The board of alvinegra found a partner willing to explore the image of the attacking midfielder. In this way, the club would be able to assume the investment. THE Sports Gazette found that the status of this parallel agreement is very close to being completed.

President Duilio Monteiro Alves refused to abandon the internal financial planning to make the hiring, including under the knowledge that the department of compliance would stand against that decision.

Therefore, in order to have Willian, the club began to depend on the sale of an athlete or a new income, which had no relationship with the current sponsors, but something specifically aimed at covering most of the expenses that Corinthians would have with Willian .

José Colagrossi Neto’s team, marketing and communication superintendent, took action and managed to leave a company in gear, giving support to the football department, with Roberto de Andrade and Alessandro Nunes, to advance in the conversations.

Now, Corinthians awaits the response of Willian’s representatives, who are in London negotiating a possible break with Arsenal.

To play for Timon, Willian must accept to receive a salary around 70% lower than what he currently earns, with some variables. The contract discussed is for three years, but this clause is not yet defined and can be extended.

The athlete has already signaled that he is willing to return to Corinthians, which is why confidence is so great here.

In an exclusive interview published by Sports Gazette this Saturday, the financial director Wesley Melo revealed the value of the payroll of the cast alvinegro even after the arrivals of Giuliano, Renato Augusto and Roger Guedes.

An advantageous proposal from European football still has the power to thwart Corinthians’ plans. But there is less and less hope that this will happen. So far, despite the demand from some clubs in the Old Continent and also in the UAE, nothing has pleased William.

Arsenal also need to give their go-ahead. The British, however, are eager to make room in the payroll.

Behind the scenes, there is the understanding that the gunners they will not create an obstacle for a free release, if Willian decides to accept the Corinthians proposal.

The question is whether Willian will give up everything he owes. It is at this point that Arsenal can still stop the negotiation.

As the window for international transfers in Brazil closes on Monday and London is four hours ahead of Brasília time, Corinthians leaders understand that everything needs to be resolved this Sunday, even if signatures have to stay for Monday. Sunday became “D-Day” for hiring.

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At 33 years old, Willian has not been able to find a place in the team directed by Mikel Arteta. He revealed his discontent and his future was discussed.

According to the English press, the player receives 100,000 pounds a week, which is equivalent to approximately R$3 million per month. He still has two more years of contract with Arsenal guaranteed.

Willian is formed by the Corinthians youth categories and is an open fan of the club. For alvinegro, he played 41 games and scored two goals, until being sold to Shakhtar Donetsk, from Ukraine, in 2007, for the value of 19 million dollars, about R$ 38 million at the time.

Willian has never hidden the desire to return to Brazil to defend the club of his heart again, and he has his father, Severino Vieira, a partner who has even run for the Corinthians Deliberative Council, as the main enthusiast of this return to origins.

At the Instagram, Willian posted pictures watching Corinthians’ last two games, against Athletico-PR, a week ago, and against Grêmio, this Saturday, which raised even more expectations in the Fiel Torcida.

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