Where to invest up to R$3,000 to redeem in six months? And in 10 years?

You have R$3,000 and you want to invest. Where to put this money if the idea is to redeem it in six months (short term) or after 10 years (long term)? Is the strategy the same? In Chat with Specialist, weekly and live program of UOL, economist César Esperandio said that they are different strategies.

Read below what these strategies are. The Chat with Specialist is an exclusive investment queries for subscribers and is broadcast every Thursday at 3 pm.

In the short term: focus on fixed income

In short-term investments, Esperandio said, government bonds such as the Treasury Selic, with immediate liquidity, are a good option — you can redeem them at any time.

“Among the three Treasury Direct bonds [Selic, IPCA e Prefixado], only the Selic Treasury does not have the so-called ‘mark to market’. In other words, you do not lose profitability if you redeem before maturity. So, for six months, this is the only investment option without losing profitability,” he said, who is also from the Econoweek channel.

Another option is private fixed income securities, such as CDBs and assets linked to the IPCA (which protect you from inflation). You can do this search on the Fixed Income App.

Some securities are protected by the FGC (Fundo Garantidor de Créditos).

In the long term: fixed and variable income

If the investment is long term (over three years), you will find many options, with higher returns.

“That’s because you are committed to leaving your money invested for longer,” he declared.

Equities, like stocks and funds, are also on the list for those who think about the long term — an option that should not be on the list for those who think about the short term.

In this case, Esperandio is categorical: the risk of having a loss is huge. “Six-month term is short term; it’s not to go to variable income,” he said.

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