Whindersson has new ‘colorful friendship’ after end of engagement

Whindersson Nunes ended the relationship with Maria Lina Deggan in mid-August. Single after the end of the engagement, the person from Piauí was appointed as a colorful friend of an influencer from Maranhão. The 22-year-old spoke with columnist Fábia Oliveira about the proximity to the artist. A few hours later, the artist denied rumors on the web and guaranteed ‘never seen’ the young woman.

Elise Ramanho was born in Nova Olinda, Maranhão, and currently lives in Mato Grosso. According to her, the exchanges of messages with Whindersson began before the relationship with Santa Catarina. “A couple of years ago, something stronger awoke, so I looked for it, and we started talking. I never told you that what I felt was more than friendship,” he pointed out to the publication.

The maranhense said knowing the career and Whindersson since 2013, when she went to a show with the comedian in her home state. “It was wonderful to see him up close, the most magical moment of my life”, defined Elise.

The relationship with Maria Lina would have alienated Whindersson and Elise, but with the end of their engagement, the two returned to exchanging messages. “From what I see, something might happen this time, and I don’t want to spoil it. He’s been sincere, sweet, we talk straight through WhatsApp. Always funny, send me good morning and ask how I’m doing and if I have time to talk to him . Now it’s more intimate and not like it was before,” he compared.