who will be eligible and how to apply

Vale-Gás will be aimed at low-income families in the state of São Paulo. The program is managed by the Social Development Secretariat, which transfers income for the purchase of cooking gas (13kg LPG) to families in vulnerable situations and slums.

The state government invested R$30 million to put the Vale-Gás benefit into practice. Payment will be made in three installments of R$100 bimonthly, totaling R$300.

The intention is to benefit 100,000 families living in poverty and extreme poverty, with a monthly per capita income of up to R$ 178.00. Only families that are registered in the Cadastro Único and do not receive Bolsa Família will participate. Only residents of communities and slums in several cities in São Paulo can receive the benefit.

The price of cooking gas

Cooking gas has been weighing heavily on the worker’s pocket, making it a very expensive product. Many families, because of the high cost, are turning to wood stoves. Gas is responsible for high inflation, harming the poorest families. Among the Brazilian capitals, the average price of the cylinder is varying between R$ 85.00 and R$ 116.00.14. There is no hope for the product to drop in price.

See if you are entitled to Vale-Gas

To find out if you are eligible to access the benefit, simply access the program’s website (www.valegas.sp.gov.br). Informing the Social Identification Number (NIS), after you inform, a message will appear on the screen saying whether or not you can receive the Vale-Gás.

See other programs offered by the Government of São Paulo

Citizen Income: This is an income transfer program that will serve families who are in a vulnerable situation for having lost their job or underemployment, considering factors such as the lack of professional qualification, illiteracy, precarious health status, lack of housing or its precariousness, chemical dependency, among other problems.

Currently, 53,944 beneficiaries are being assisted by Renda Cidadã, who receive R$ 100 monthly. To be entitled to the benefit, the interested party must go to the CRAS to verify the criteria and register in the Cadastro Único (CadÚnico).

Fast Track: offers free professional training for people aged 16 and over who are looking to enter the job market or open their own business. Those residing in São Paulo who are literate, unemployed, with minimum education or special conditions fixed for each course will be able to participate.

Enrolled students will be entitled to a stipend that will help with expenses during the course. Applications can be made on the website http://www.viarapida.sp.gov.br/home.