Why Bolsonaro blames the states’ ICMS for the price of gasoline

Former senator and former governor of Paraná, Roberto Requião (no party), irritated with the pocketminions, designed an explanation to put an end to the false controversy over the responsibility of the states for the abusive increase in fuel prices in the country.

With a simple table, Requião rounded the ICMS (Tax on Circulation of Goods and Services) rate at 28%, by the general average of all states and the Federal District, to explain the following:

  • The ICMS in October 2014 was 28%; in August 2021, the ICMS rate remains the same: 28%;
  • A barrel of oil cost US$78.84 in October 2014; now, this month, the price has dropped to $75.23;
  • the dollar [esse vilão] it cost BRL 2.47 in October 2014; in this month of August 2021, the American currency is quoted at R$ 5.25;
  • A liter of gasoline was sold at R$2.86 in October 2015; today, a liter of fuel is sold for R$ 7.

Requião drew this graph to explain that the price of gasoline has nothing to do with ICMS. “It’s management”, he assures. Or rather: it is the lack of management of President Jair Bolsonaro, who has preferred motorcycle rides, lives and anti-democratic demonstrations to governing this country.

The pornographic increases in fuels in Brazil, which is self-sufficient in oil production, occur because Bolsonaro wants to guarantee the remuneration of Petrobras’ private partners to the detriment of the interest of national consumers. It adopts the policy of readjustments based on the exchange rate variation of the dollar and the international oil price.

The devil in all of this is that Brazilians pay for gasoline, diesel and cooking gas in dollars, but continue to receive salaries in reais. The currency was devalued to benefit agribusiness and speculators.

Why does Bolsonaro blame the states’ ICMS for the price of gasoline? Well, intellectual dishonesty and ignorance of the cause. The president creates yet another diversionism to deceive consumers and not solve the problem of famine and high prices.

The government’s rascality is such that, with just one liter of gasoline in Brazil, for seven reais, it is possible to fill two 50-liter tanks [100 litros] of pure fuel in “communist” Venezuela – which Jair Bolsonaro claims to fight.

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