Why will we have to relearn how to socialize after the pandemic

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With socialization virtually suspended during the pandemic, our social muscles atrophied

As podcast presenter Dear Prudence, Daniel M Lavery often gives advice directly from New York. But every now and then he also reveals his own anxieties, as in a recent episode when responding to a lone university student who was apprehensive about social contact during the covid-19 pandemic. Lavery identified himself:

“It’s really, really hard to think about being around people again. One of the things that strikes me when I think about the possibility of ever being in a room full of unmasked people again is that I spent a lot of time desperately looking forward to that day. , and now sometimes I find myself having a kind of panic reaction… I don’t want to be afraid, after all that’s what I want. , who is terrified.”

Many of us are in the same boat. We were forced to be antisocial, at least in physical terms, for a year now.

As a result, a lot of people are finding any personal social interaction odd — it seems we have to relearn how to sit in a room with another human.