Winner of the Super Dance of the Famous leaks and Tiago Leifer gets emotional in farewell – 08/28/2021

28/08/2021 | 10:10

The grand finale of the Super Dança dos Famosos will only be shown on Sunday, the 29th, but some columnists have already announced who won the competition, which had its decision recorded on Friday, the 27th.

According to Léo Dias and Fábia Oliveira, Paolla Oliveira, 2009 champion of the reality show, was the winner of this latest edition of the painting, confirming her favoritism since her first appearance. She defeated Rodrigo Simas, who was in second place, and Dandara Mariana, who was in third place. Dandara was a strong contender for the title and could make a double victory, having won the 2020 edition.

After the program was recorded, Tiago Leifert, who took charge of the attraction after Fausto Silva left, appeared on Instagram emotional.

– Keeping the tradition, we recorded the Super Dance final and it is obvious that I cried a lot, right? Every time she cries, every time she cries, but there’s a reason too, right. I’m here using this dressing room for the last time and starting next week I’m starting to record The Voice Brasil, which will debut in October. the fact that Huck assumes, from now on, Globo’s Sundays.


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