With an attack on Paulo Guedes, Jornal da Record becomes the most watched newscast outside Globo

Journal of Record
Celso Freitas in charge of Jornal da Record; TV news reaches the vice-leadership (Image: Playback / Record)

With a report on the mismanagement of Paulo Guedes ahead of the Ministry of Economy, the Journal of Record was isolated runner-up in the last Thursday (26). The excellent audience placed the TV news as the most watched program of its kind outside the Globe.

On air from 7:55 pm to 9:00 pm, Jornal da Record recorded 9.9 points of average, 11.7 peak points and 14% share (number of tuned TVs), against 24.8 points for Globo, 7.0 for SBT , 3.5 from Band and 0.5 from RedeTV!.

Anchor Celso Freitas started the material with the following introduction: “Inflation, unemployment, currency soaring. The administration of Minister Paulo Guedes at the head of the Ministry of Economy is increasingly criticized by specialists”.

Bishop Edir Macedo’s TV accused: “Against this reality [a crise], the minister manifests an unusual position for the position he occupies in the government”.

Earlier, from 2:45 pm to 3:20 pm, A Hora da Venenosa was in second place alone with an average of 9.0 points, 9.7 peak points and a 21% share, against 9.9 points by Globo, 3.8 from SBT, 1.1 from Band and 0.3 from RedeTV!.

The Proof of Love rerun has gained traction in recent weeks. Yesterday’s chapter gave Record an average of 6.9 points, 9.6 peak points and 16% share, compared to 9.7 points for Globo, 3.9 for SBT, 1.9 for Band and 1.7 for TV network!. The serial was on air between 15:20 and 16:33.

At dawn, Fala Que Eu Te Escuto was suffocated by the Band’s programming, but was in third place with a 1.1 point average, 2.3 peak points and 4% participation, against 5.5 points for SBT, 5 .4 from Globo, 0.9 from Band and 0.3 from RedeTV!. The program ran from 12:45 am to 1:47 am.

Throughout the day, Record presented the General Manhã Balance – National (1.9), General Manhã SP Balance (3.1), Fala Brasil (3.9), Hoje em Dia (4.3), Jornal da Record 24h Morning (4.3), General Balance SP (7.1), Alert City – National Part I (5.7), Alert City – National Part II (6.1), Alert City – National Part III (7, 6), City Alert SP (8.5), Genesis (11.9), When You Call the Heart (6.9), Island Record (7.4), World Record Awards (6.5), Chicago Med (4 ,1), Jornal da Record 24h Madrugada (3.0) and Escola do Amor (0.7).

The data are consolidated by Ibope in Greater São Paulo.

Paulo Carvalho

Paulo Carvalho He has been following the TV world since 2009. Graduated broadcaster and journalist by profession, he has been writing for websites for five years. It’s in the RD1 as a reporter. It can be found on social media at @pcsilvaTV or by email [email protected].