Witnesses Claim Heard Explosion Near Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan | World

An explosion was heard near the airport in Kabul, witnesses told the Reuters news agency on Sunday (29).

Images broadcast on TV from Afghanistan show dark smoke in the sky, but there is no information about losses so far.

Reproduction of video showing dark smoke in Kabul on August 29, 2021 — Photo: Reproduction

Two witnesses said the explosion appeared to have been caused by the impact of a rocket that hit a house in an area north of the airport, but there is still no confirmation.

Maxar Technologies satellite image shows Kabul International Airport, Afghanistan’s capital, on Aug. 27, 2021, the day after the terrorist attack at one of the gates at the site — Photo: Maxar Technologies via AP

Two US government officials told Reuters that the US had launched an attack on Kabul.

The two said the target of the attack were people suspected of being militants of the Afghan wing of the Islamic State, called Islamic State-Khorasan. The target was a car carrying a suicide bomber. However, this is initial information and may not be confirmed.

Car attack with a suicide bomber

The Taliban is an enemy of the Islamic State in Afghanistan. According to the Associated Press, the Taliban confirmed that a US attack had hit a suicide bomber who was in a car and who intended to carry out an attack at the airport in Kabul. There are few details about this incident.

It is not known whether the explosion that occurred in the region north of the airport and this attack on a car with a suicide bomber are linked.

On Thursday there was an explosion outside Kabul airport that left more than 180 people dead. This attack was claimed by an Afghan wing of the Islamic State.

The first US response came on Saturday: two Islamic State-Khorasan leaders were killed in drone attacks. In addition to these two, a third leader of the terrorist group was injured. According to the US military, the three were involved in planning and carrying out the suicide bombing outside Kabul airport.

On Saturday, US President Joe Biden warned that a new attack on Kabul airport is “very likely” in the “next 24 to 36 hours” and that the American bombing that killed two members of the Islamic State group “will not be the last”.

“The situation at the site remains extremely dangerous and the threat of a terrorist attack at the airport remains high,” the president wrote in a statement after meeting with his military and security advisers.

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