Woman dies with syndrome associated with ‘black urine disease’ in Itacoatiara | Amazons

The cases of rhabdomyolysis registered in Amazonas are associated with Haff’s Disease, known as “black urine disease”. Patients report that they consumed fish before showing symptoms, but fish contamination has not yet been confirmed..

  • FEAR: Marketers report a drop in fish sales after cases of ‘black urine disease’

The first death from rhabdomyolysis was confirmed by the Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS-RCP). The woman had been hospitalized since Friday (27) at the José Mendes Regional Hospital, from Vila do Novo Remanso, a rural area of ​​the city.

Of the 26 confirmed cases, 24 were in Itacoatiara, 1 in Caapiranga and 1 in Manaus. Teams from the FVS and the Tropical Medicine Foundation (FMT-HVD) have been in Itacoatiara since Thursday (26) to monitor the outbreak of the disease.

Itacoatiara has a drop in fish sales after cases of rhabdomyolysis

Itacoatiara has a drop in fish sales after cases of rhabdomyolysis

Investigation still does not show fish contamination

The Health Secretary of Itacoatiara, Rogéria Aranha, informed that the epidemiological investigation observed that the patients consumed fish before showing symptoms, but it is still not possible to point out that the food was contaminated.

According to her, lines of research will be opened together with scholars to try to identify the cause of the infection.

“While we have not been able to scientifically identify the cause, we are doing this active search. Guiding care with food preparation and rational use of information. We cannot cause fear in the population,” he informed.

The infectologist Marcelo Cordeiro, who has been studying rhabdomyolysis since 2008, does not recommend that people stop consuming the food, because, according to him, they are “point cases”. For him, it is necessary to follow the guidelines of epidemiological surveillance.

“We don’t usually find serious cases, and it is important to follow all the guidelines of the Health Surveillance Foundation, because during the case investigation process, it is identified if, by chance, there is a specific location. The FVS it is who will take the appropriate measures and, if necessary, guide the interruption of punctual consumption”, he explains.

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