World’s smallest cow dies before entering Guinness

Rani, considered the smallest cow in the world with just over 50 centimeters in height, had her death confirmed after being struck down by a sudden illness. According to Hasan Howladar, a farmer who acquired the animal, the reason for the tragedy was the accumulation of gases in the digestive system, a condition that had been causing complications for the past week.

The little Rani arrived at the Shikor Agro farm, located near Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh, with 51 centimeters in height, 66 centimeters in length and 26 kg, immediately attracting the attention of thousands of people due to her distinguished physique. A few days after the arrival of the peculiar bovine, about 15,000 people went to Hasan’s land to visit the animal.

In July of this year, Rani made international news when her owner decided to register her as a world record holder, being included in the category of smallest cow in the world. However, even with the documentation attached, the dimensions confirmed and the letter in the hands of the Guinness World Records evaluators, there was not enough time for the brand to be definitively confirmed in the book.

The animal started to develop serious health problems that culminated in the appearance of a bloating in the stomach. Even being rushed to the vet, the condition had been announced as irreversible and Rani could not stand the pain, dying within hours.

previous record kept

With the death of the smallest cow in the world, the current record in the category remains the brand of Manikyam, an animal that lives in the state of Kerala, India. According to Guinness, the bovine holds the historical record since 2014, when the impressive height of just 61.1 centimeters had been confirmed.