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Youth and São Paulo will face off from 16:00 this Sunday, at the Alfredo Jaconi Stadium, in Caxias, do Sul, for the 18th round of the Brasileirão.

The team from Rio Grande do Sul is in 13th place, with 20 points, and the Tricolor Paulista, in recovery, is one position above with 21 points added. CLICK HERE and follow in real time, with exclusive videos.

Youth arrives at a good time. The team led by coach Marquinhos Santos, in the last four matches, won two wins and one draw. With the results, the Alviverde team managed, once again, to distance itself from the relegation zone. Last week, Papo was in a 1-1 draw with Fortaleza, at the Alfredo Jaconi Stadium. In case of victory, the club can even figure in the first part of the Brasileirão table.

São Paulo, in turn, is experiencing its best moment in Brasileirão. After fighting against the relegation zone, Tricolor won three consecutive matches and is already beginning to dream of the G-6. The team is three points behind the top six, and a victory on Sunday could bring the team very close to the goal.

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Renata Mendonça analyzes Youth vs. São Paulo for the 18th round of the Brasileirão

Renata Mendonça analyzes Youth vs. São Paulo for the 18th round of the Brasileirão

Streaming: The TV Globo shows the departure for the states of SP, RS, CE, MT, MS, TO, GO, MG (Uberlândia, Ituiutaba and Uberaba) and PR. Premiere broadcasts throughout Brazil, with narration by Bruno Fonseca and comments by Petkovic and Sérgio Xavier

Real time: O ge tracks in real time (click here).

Youth – coach: Marquinhos Santos

Alviverde de Caxias do Sul will not have one of its main players in the Brazilian Championship. Forward Paulinho Boia belongs to São Paulo and, therefore, is out of the match. Besides him, midfielder Wescley is still in the medical department with an ankle injury, Wagner should remain in the starting eleven. On the other hand, coach Marquinhos Santos will have the return of defender Rafael Forster, who fights for a spot in the starting lineup with Quintero, recently hired from Fortaleza.

Probable lineup: Marcelo Carne; Michel Macedo, Vitor Mendes, Rafael Forster (Quintero) and William Matheus; Matheus Jesus, Guilherme Castilho, Wagner; Capixaba, Marcos Vinícios and Ricardo Bueno.

Likely Youth to face São Paulo — Photo: ge

Embezzlement: Wescley (ankle injury), Élton (knee injury) and Paulinho Boia (belongs to São Paulo)

Hanging: Marcelo Carne, Matheus Jesus and Capixaba

São Paulo – technician: Hernan Crespo

The coach will still not be able to count on Arboleda, injured, nor Liziero, suspended, but he has available experienced players from the squad, such as Luciano, Benítez and Eder. In relation to the previous game, against Fortaleza, for the Copa do Brasil, Crespo must move in midfield.

Embezzlement: Arboleda, Welington, William and Marquinhos (injured); Liziero (suspended).

Hanging: Igor Vinicius, Galeano, Igor Gomes, Rodrigo Nestor and Gabriel Sara.

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Likely São Paulo to face Youth — Photo:

  • Referee: Antonio Dib Moraes de Sousa (PI)
  • Assistant 1: Rogério Oliveira Braga (PI)
  • Assistant 2: Márcio Iglésias Araújo Silva (PI)
  • Fourth referee: Jonathan Pinheiro (RS)
  • Video referee: Caio Max Augusto Vieira (RN)