Yudi vents after Priscilla Alcântara’s attitude in an interview and confesses

Yudi Tamashiro
Yudi Tamashiro exposes her friend, Priscilla Ancântara, on a social network (Image: Reproduction / RedeTV!)

Yudi Tamashiro spoke for the first time after Priscilla Alcantara, his former partner on SBT’s Bom Dia & Cia, commented on the anger he felt every time someone “shipped” them both.

Through Instagram stories, the presenter admitted that Priscilla suffered because of the rumors provoked inside and outside the Abravanel family channel. “Priscilla was saying that she was irritated that every time they asked if she and I were dating I said yes. Wow, poor thing”, lamented.

“Priscilla, I’m sorry, you suffered at my hand, I was really teasing”, he confessed. “People would come and say ‘do you two date?’, I would say ‘yes’ and she would get angry”, he remembered. “But actually Priscilla can assume that you are still in love with me today, I know, but that’s okay”, poked.

In an interview with the Venus podcast, Priscilla Alcântara recalled the time of the rumors and did not hide her irritation. “I hated it when they shipped me with him. I was well into the teenage phase that can’t stand these things, you know? And Yudi loved to make fun of me with it. He hugged me, grabbed me”, remembered.

“And I kept wanting to die (laughs). He loved people talking. And he agreed. I kept wanting to die. “Not!”. Then I grew up. I still hear it, of course. But our relationship has always been that of a brother, no matter how much Brazil ships”, he stressed.

In the conversation, the presenter talked about the gaffes live. “Child who couldn’t see straight and lost patience. I laughed a lot at that. Several days I’ve been stressed out with Yudi and I’ve dumped him in the air. It was real because he was pissing me off”, he confessed.

“For us it was so natural to do that (…) What was happening we took to the air. It was like this every day (…) The gaffes I find funniest are the ones with the calls”, he pointed out. Priscilla and Yudi left the command of SBT’s children’s program in 2013.

Paulo Carvalho

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