30-year-old ‘anti-mask’ activist, dies of Covid-19

Caleb Wallace, leader of an anti-mask and anti-vaccination movement in the United States, died last Saturday (28) as a victim of Covid-19. The activist, who founded the movement “San Angelo Freedom Fighters” (Freedom Defenders of San Angelo, in free translation), is 30 years old and leaves behind a wife, who is eight months pregnant, and three other daughters.

According to the news portal Yahoo, Caleb Wallace lived in the town of San Angelo, Texas, and held some anti-mask rallies last year. The activist also said he was against the vaccines and declared that he would not take the immunizing agent. Upon experiencing the first symptoms of Covid-19, Wallace also refused to take tests to see if he had the disease.


Ineffective treatments

Seeing a slight worsening in symptoms, the activist decided to treat himself at home, taking medications proven to be ineffective against Covid-19, such as ivermectin, zinc, vitamin C and acetylsalicylic acid. However, about four days after the first symptoms, Caleb Wallace took a sharp turn for the worse and had to be admitted to a hospital in San Angelo.

According to Jessica Wallace, Caleb’s wife, he was very stubborn, and even with his clinical condition worsening, he didn’t want to go to the doctor so as not to be part of the positive test statistics for Covid-19, according to him, the RT tests -PCR were a government fraud. But despite his will, he was hospitalized on July 30th and had to be intubated on August 8th.

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Caleb Wallace with wife and daughters
Caleb Wallace leaves his wife, Jessica, eight months pregnant, and three other daughters. Credit: Reproduction/Social Media

In the meantime, Jessica needed to make a fundraiser on the GoFundMe platform to pay her husband’s treatment costs and the family’s household bills, so far, she has managed to raise nearly $64,000 (about R$333,000). According to her, Caleb Wallace preferred that she not work outside the home and was dedicated only to her daughters.

In 2020, the activist organized a demonstration in San Angelo against what he called “government control” over citizens’ lives, which was the way he used to refer to protocols against the spread of Covid-19. Wallace argued that the mandatory use of masks hurt the individual freedom of American citizens without providing evidence of effectiveness.

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At one of the rallies, held in November 2020, Wallace even said that he was more concerned with the individual freedom of citizens than with the health of each one. But despite her denial, Jessica Wallace describes her husband as a loving, hardworking man who strives to be a good father.

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