Afghanistan: Black Hawk Helicopters, Humwees and Toucans, the arsenal that fell into Taliban hands

  • Vikas Pandey & Shadab Nazmi*
  • BBC News in New Delhi (India)

A Taliban fighter walks past a beauty salon carrying an M16 weapon.

Credit, Getty Images

The four-blade multipurpose aircraft was just taxiing down the runway, but the maneuver sent a message to the world: The Taleban are no longer a group of disorganized soldiers wielding Kalashnikov assault rifles in battered pickup trucks.

Since the takeover of Kabul on Aug. 15, Taliban fighters have been photographed displaying an array of American-made weapons and vehicles.

Some of them were photographed in combat gear identical to that of other special forces around the world. They didn’t sport the traditional long beards or typical clothes, and there were certainly no rusty weapons.