Afghanistan: the ‘new era’ that opens for Russia with the return of the Taliban

  • Petr Kozlov and Anna Rynda
  • BBC News Russia

Russian military participates in military exercises at the Harb-Maidon training camp, near the Tajikistan-Afghanistan border, on August 10, 2021

Credit, Reuters

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Russia’s main concerns are regional stability and the security of allied borders in Central Asia

As US and European governments struggled this week to get their Afghan citizens and colleagues out of Kabul, Russia was one of the few countries not visibly alarmed by the Taliban’s return to power.

Russian diplomats described the new men in charge of the Afghan capital as “normal people” and argued that the city is safer now than before.

Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Friday (27/8) that Taleban control is a reality they would have to work with.

Quite different from the view on the disastrous war in the 1980s in Afghanistan to support the communist government that controlled Kabul. which lasted nine years and which many Russians still remember.