After controversy over intervention in museum, Fundação Oscar Niemeyer congratulates MON for exhibition of ‘Os Gêmeos’ | Paraná

The Oscar Niemeyer Foundation, which is responsible for managing and preserving the work of the architect that gives its name to the institution, congratulated the Oscar Niemeyer Museum (MON) for the exhibition of the works of ‘Os Gêmeos’.

The message was posted on the foundation’s social media profile on Sunday (30). See the post below.

Fundação Oscar Niemeyer congratulates MON for exhibition — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

“On September 16, the unmissable Os Gemeos exhibition opens at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba. The Oscar Niemeyer Foundation congratulates the MON team for the initiative”, says the post.

The post was made after Paulo Niemeyer, the architect’s grandson, criticized a temporary artistic intervention made on the museum’s façade to promote the exhibition.

Paulo said that he intends to go to court so that the work is deleted.

In addition to the congratulations message, the Oscar Niemeyer Foundation profile also published several photos of the work that was graffitied at the museum.

Work has been authorized and is temporary, says MON

Os Gêmeos” did not want to comment on the declaration of Oscar Niemeyer’s great-grandson. The directors of the museum, which commissioned the work, defended the artists and drawing.

The director of MON, Juliana Vosnika, said that the design was authorized by the body that preserves the state’s cultural heritage.

“It doesn’t even affect the façade’s volumetry, it didn’t have screws, it doesn’t have any kind of physical intervention in the façade. After the end of the exhibition, the façade will be painted and will return exactly to the original façade,” he said.

According to the director, this type of intervention is common in other museums in Brazil and abroad.

“We really value Niemeyer’s work, so I don’t believe there is disrespect for it, we even asked for all authorizations, and we have the support and respect, I’m sure, of the vast majority of people,” he concluded.

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