After hat trick by Flamengo, Gabigol has a meeting with Neymar’s sister | Soccer



Striker Gabigol is going through a great phase on the field. After successive calls for the national team, the player continues to shine with Flamengo’s shirt and, last Saturday, scored three more goals in his career, now against Santos, in Vila Belmiro.

Outside the four lines, however, the player continues to skate, but can now resume an old relationship. According to columnist Leo Dias, anticipating his birthday (the athlete turns 25 on August 30), Gabigol went to the mansion of Neymar’s father, in Guarujá, São Paulo, where he would have met the ex- girlfriend, Rafaella Santos.

According to the columnist, the event featured a pizza rotation, a concert by the duo Matheus and Kauan, a pagode group and a presentation by two DJs. In addition, Leo Dias guarantees that the sister of star player Neymar (Check the photo gallery below)
he would have arrived at the mansion on Friday night and that the two would be rehearsing a tour.

The couple’s relationship ended in late 2020, after rumors of betrayal by the player. That year, Rafaella addressed the case, after reacting with a vomit emoji in a photo of the athlete on social media. Afterwards, he wrote: “I have affection for him, even though he has disrespected our relationship all this time! I just want you to stop bonding me with him! It was just an outburst from me, an emoji, and it won’t happen again. Even because it no longer exists for me”, he claimed.