After vent, Andrey celebrates victory and good performance by Vasco | Vasco

Heading, Andrey opened the scoring in Vasco’s 2-0 victory over Ponte PretaReginaldo Pimenta / O Dia Agency

Published 08/29/2021 6:55 PM

Nothing like week after week. If after the defeat to Operário-PR Andrey made strong statements about Vasco’s situation, this time the young midfielder spoke again on the field, but with the joy of someone who scored a goal and helped Cruzmaltino to recover in the Series B, with victory and good performance in the 2-0 over Ponte Preta, in São Januário.

“The feeling is one of joy. We absorbed what Lisca said to us during the week, we fixed the mistakes, we thought a lot to get here and play a good match. We looked for the goal all the time and luckily we left with a great victory. It serves to give confidence to the team. We have a long journey and we are going to put Vasco in the place he deserves,” said Andrey, in an interview with TV Globo.

In addition to the defensive midfielder, the other goal was also marked by a revelation by Vasco. Caio Lopes was coach Lisca’s bet during the first free week of training since taking over the team. And the young man was another midfield standout.

“This week we focused on the tactical part so as not to give space, to pressure. And about the goal, I’m very happy. My first one, it was a dream to score here in São Januário. I started at Vasco when I was five years old, training back there. And it was a very important goal. I’m going to dedicate it to my family, who are at home and didn’t let me down, since I almost didn’t play in that first round,” said Caio.