After vocalist Juliana Caetano, Mulher Melão makes her fortune on the OnlyFans app

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After Juliana Caetano making the main headlines of the major internet portals after a kidnapping is now the turn of Renata Frisson, but known as the Melon woman. The brunette is highlighted after revealing that she is a millionaire thanks to the OnlyFans app.

What is OnlyFans for

For those who don’t know the app OnlyFans is intended for content creators who want to expose themselves, since users pay a monthly amount to have access to this type of content.

Anitta won over 7 million on OnlyFans

The singer Anitta made available a video where she got a tattoo on her anus, according to an ex-BBB, this unusual act by Anitta earned her pocket a trifle of seven million reais.

Testimonial of the Melon Woman about the OnlyFans app

The Melão woman, on the other hand, bet on daring to get a bill of money in the application. “I believe it’s because of my daring, because I already have this DNA from the people (…) I like to show myself, to show a bit of reality. There is a whole production that I prepare for this. I have to wake up talking to my fans and go to sleep talking to them. It’s all the time, 24 hours thinking about work,” she said.

What is OnlyFans?: Anitta won R$ 7 million with anus tattoo, watch the video

A surprising fact caught the media’s attention this Monday (24), according to former BBC Wagner Santiago, the singer Anitta would have received an amount of seven million reais for the tattoo done on the anus, this was possible according to him for the simple fact that the video was released on OnlyFans. Keep reading

Report by Juliana Caetano

Juliana Caetano this week posted a video on her official Instagram profile about what happened, according to the lead singer of Bonde do Forró, she and her family had been kidnapped, and only now has she resolved the details of what happened.

Juliana Caetano’s account reaches millions of views

According to Juliana Caetano only now deciding to speak because she had been threatened with death before, she details that she is tired of having to move house, in the video with almost two million views she cries when detailing what happened. Read on

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