Almost ten days after he broke up with Luísa Sonza, Vitão said: “I love her with all my strength”

Almost ten days after the announcement of the end of his relationship with singer Luísa Sonza, singer Vitão says that the artist and he will always be a family.

“I love her with all my strength. We’ll be together for everything, and that’s it,” he said, briefly commenting on the attacks of hatred he suffered during the time he dated Luísa.

“It was very difficult. Everyone can imagine, we’ve talked about it a lot. I don’t want to give any more details either. I think Luísa and I have much bigger things to talk about”, said the artist.

And he added: “Of course I evolved a lot with this relationship and I learned about life. Now, the focus and the conversation I want to have with people is with and about my art”.

In an interview with the newspaper Extra, Vitão denied that the information about the end of his relationship with Luísa for almost a year, announced on August 20, would have been postponed to avoid conflicts with their musical career.

“No, what had to happen at the right time happened. We had been deciding for a while, there was no timetable. It also makes no sense to use the end of a relationship to talk about a song that addresses very different topics”, revealed Vitão, since the announcement of the end of the relationship took place on the same day the singer released his new hit “TAKAFAYA”.

He also made a point of informing that the end of the relationship with Luísa did not take large proportions. “It was quiet. I confess that I thought it would be worse. At least from my house, I see my cell phone, what took over my networks and about me was my music. And that’s what I wanted. I really feel that things are now entering a different axis, with people paying attention to what I do”, pointed out Vitão.


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