América-MG performances: Fabricio Daniel decides; Ribamar returns and misses penalty | america-mg

Fabricio Daniel
In a great move, at the beginning of the match, he sent the corner of goalkeeper Richard, opening the score at Independência. He ended up getting a yellow card at the start of the second half, but he didn’t slow down the momentum. In a corner kick, after Lucas Kal had fixed it, he made his second in the game. Grade: 7.5

He returned to the team after six rounds, recovered from an injury to his left thigh. Even without rhythm, he was important to intensify América’s presence in the Ceará defense field. He wasted a penalty kick in the final stage. Grade: 5.5

Fabrício Daniel celebrates América-MG’s goal against Ceará — Photo: Alessandra Torres/AGIF

It was not as effective as in other games, but it remains, with justice, the main reference of the team on the field. If he sinned in the final shot, the attacker was effective in getting the ball and taking the team to the opposing area. Grade: 6.5

Matheus Cavichioli: 6
Patric: 6
Anderson: 5
Ricardo Silva: 6
Lucas Kal: 6
Marlon: 6
(John Paul: no grade)
June: 6
Admir: 6.5
Felipe Azevedo: 5.5
(Marcelo Toscano: no grade)
Fabricio Daniel: 7.5
(Juninho Valora: 5)
Ribamar: 5.5
(Scream: no note)

América-MG official store — Photo: Disclosure