American Airlines orders pizza for Afghan refugees aboard their plane

A makeshift pizzeria was one of the many ways the American Airlines team prepared to take care of the Afghan evacuees aboard an aircraft that had landed in Washington. But preparation began earlier, before the outbound flight, when the company’s team worked to supply the aircraft with everything from pajamas and washcloths, to diapers and teddy bears for children.

All this because, in addition to the flight of several hours, the wait inside the plane in Washington would be long, reaching 12 hours. As the refugees were sent from Kabul to military bases in Qatar and Germany, and from there were being taken to the US capital, there wasn’t much time to make sure all the paperwork was in order.

As a result, admission procedures in the country ended up being very slow, demanding an extra attitude from the company to provide comfort to travelers on the occasion. That’s why the idea of ​​pizza was born, shown in the video below.

“We saw the situation in Afghanistan unfold with sadness”, said David Lombard, manager of alliances, who participated in the action. “So when it came time to help, we wanted to do everything we could to provide a little more comfort on board.”

American’s dedicated teams are also making CRAF missions possible, the first of which is staffed by volunteers from the New York base and led by Commander Tony Dettorre, Flight Director for New York and Boston.

“We are proud to be part of the national effort to care for and provide safe passage for those who volunteered and sacrificed for the US”, said Dettorre. “The hard work, compassion and commitment of the American family are unshakable. Without his tireless efforts both on the ground and in the air, these missions would not be possible”.