Ana Maria Braga reacts impressively to Paolla Oliveira’s presentation

Ana Maria Braga
Ana Maria Braga was moved by Paolla Oliveira’s samba (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

Ana Maria Braga delivered a moment of great emotion during the final of the Super Dance of the Famous, gives Globe, in this sunday (29). The presenter, who was on the attraction’s artistic jury, confessed that she was moved by the presentation of Paolla Oliveira in the rhythm of samba.

“Have you ever seen someone cry with samba?”, asked the titleholder of Mais Você to Tiago Leifert, before giving 10 to the actress. “Did you cry, Ana Maria?”, he countered.

“Cry! Isn’t it beautiful to see how they manage to do this with the body? With this rhythm, with this joy, with this surrender. We want to be there among them”, praised the global in the format.

Ana Maria Braga also added: “We get emotional. She jumps, we cry”. “The Claudia [Mota] cried last week”, recalled the commander of Globo’s reality show, citing the emotion of the technical judge with a presentation by Dandara Mariana, the week before.

Asked by Tiago Leifert, the blonde also commented on Mais Você in person. “We’ve been live for a long time, they expanded the breakfast table with the necessary protocols. I was dying to receive people”, she explained.

Paolla Oliveira, it is worth remembering, defeated Rodrigo Simas and Dandara Mariana yesterday and won the Super Dance of the Famous.

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