Athletic eye: Emerson may be sold by Bara to Tottenham

(Photo: Barcelona / Publicizes

O Barcelona is in advanced negotiations with Tottenham to settle the sale of right-back Emerson. Information from the newspaper Sport, from Catalonia. According to the publication, the English club would be willing to pay an amount in excess of 23 million euros (BRL 141.38 million) between fixed and variable. And that wouldn’t be good for the athletic.

As the market closes this Tuesday, the trades will have an outcome in the next few hours. Sport says that Bara would have already agreed with the negotiation. Tottenham is now in talks with the Brazilian player’s fatigue.

In January 2019, Atltico announced Emerson’s deal for around 12.1 million euros (BRL 50.8 million in the quotation at the time). Clube Alvinegro is entitled to receive 62.5% of the amount, which totals approximately 7.5 million euros (R$ 31.7 million). Of this amount, 100,000 euros (R$ 417 thousand) were transferred to Ponte Preta, former right-back team.

According to the contract, if the full-back played 30 games for Barcelona, ​​Galo would be entitled to receive another 1 million euros (R$6.2 million, at the current price). Before playing for Bara, Emerson wore the Btis shirt until 2021. The two teams made an agreement to buy the Atltico full-back together. The Catalo club had to pay around R$56 million to its Spanish rival to have the athlete at the beginning of this season.

If Emerson is a reinforcement of Tottenham, Galo will receive a smaller amount for being one of the training clubs, around 0.5% of the total sale – something around BRL 700 thousand. He played in Galo from April 2018 to January 2019, with 23 games and one goal scored.

In April 2018, Atltico hired Emerson from Ponte Preta for R$ 5 million, in addition to a loan from lateral Danilo Barcelos.